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Our education system is in need of reform. Most students are not taught to be self-motivated lifelong learners, nor do they come out of the school system with the skills,…

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Every week I will be sharing awesome, real time updates on futuristic Innovations that are being currently implemented. Hope you enjoy it. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Google Has Built Earbuds That Translate 40…

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The End of Snapchat As We Know It.
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Snapchat is the darling of technology: for years, we’ve fawned over the company for being innovative, using daring interfaces and out of the ordinary tactics to get people to pay…

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The iPhone X is the Beginning of the End for Phones!
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Another year, another phone announcement. On September 12 Apple unveiled its tenth-anniversary iPhone fittingly named the ‘iPhone X’ and showed off what it calls the “future of phones” featuring a fancy edge-to-edge…

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Thousands of Satellite “Eyes” Will Track Human Movement from Space
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“High Revisit” Satellite Imagery Currently, satellites provide us with a choice: frequent imaging at lower resolution or high-resolution images twice daily at most. Now, companies like DigitalGlobe, which currently owns…

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A “Fourth-Generation” DNA Base Editor Could Replace CRISPR
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CRISPR: The Next Generation The latest news in genetic science has been dominated by the CRISPR/Cas9technique over the past five years. But a new “fourth-generation” DNA base editor could see CRISPR dethroned, according to a…

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More Than 80% of Children Have an Online Presence by the Age of Two
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Sharenting A toddler with birthday cake smeared across his face, grins delightedly at his mother. Minutes later, the image appears on Facebook. A not uncommon scenario – 42% of UK parents…

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Google’s New Payment App Uses Ultrasonic Frequencies to Transfer Cash
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FAST FINANCES Google has launched a new mobile payment app in India called Tez for iOS and Android devices. Named after a Hindi word meaning ‘fast,’ it allows users to make swift,…

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CEO: Ethereum Could Challenge Credit Card Companies In “A Couple of Years”
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TAKING ON FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is optimistic about the future of his blockchainplatform, sharing his predictions during a talk with AngelList founder Naval Ravikant at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF 2017 event on September 18. Despite…

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A New Blockchain App Is Poised to Radically Change How People Vote
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VOTING WITH YOUR DIGITAL WALLET A new form of cryptocurrency is hoping to give people a better way to vote, and it doesn’t require any knowledge of blockchain — the…

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