Instagram Influencer & 6 - Figure Income Masterclass

Instagram Influencer & 6 - Figure Income Masterclass

Instagram began its life in October of 2010 as a modest social platform for sharing photos: a little of last Friday’s party here, an adorable couple picture there. And, of course, a very respectable selection of cats.

Fast-forward several years, and it’s almost impossible to imagine it without ads, influencers, filter presets, and meticulously arranged layouts. In 2019, Instagram is so much more than an image-sharing app — it’s a place to make money.

In just under a decade, Instagram has become the third Most Popular  social media platform in the world, with Kylie Jenner’s posts alone worth over $1 million in equivalent traditional ad spend. But the goods news is, you don’t need to be an heir to the Kardashian fortune to monetize your Instagram. All you need is a solid followership and a little e-commerce know-how.

And in case you were wondering, to be an Influencer and earn between 4-6 Figures:

  • You don’t need a million followers or special talent
  • You don’t need a tech background.
  • You don’t need to quit your job or “start a social media agency”

IN THIS SPECIAL ONE-TIME INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER & MONETIZATION MASTERCLASS:  Kwame A.A Opoku, Ghana’s leading Instagram Coach shares tried and proven methods and hacks to take you from 0 followers to 10s of 1000s of followers and shows you practical ways, you can start making money off your Instagram with 24 hours.

In this Class, You will learn:

  • How to grow your first 10k Followers Regardless of Niche
  • Becoming a Sought After Influencer
  • Flipping Instagram Accounts to Make 4-6 figures
  • 15 Practical Ways to Make up to 6 Figures on Your Instagram as an Influencer
  • How to Make Money Using Your Instagram Stories Only
  • Earn 4-6 Figures Through Sponsored Ads
  • How to Sell on Instagram and Turn Your Followers Into Customers
  • Merchandising as an Influencer to earn 4-6 Figures
  • Influencer Vlogging and Monetization
  • Selling Courses and Influencer Consulting
  • The Secret Blueprint DM & Email Script that can earn you 6 Figures from Businesses as an Instagram Influencer.


When you sign up for this Class you instantly will receive my Blockbuster Social Media E-Book: Gospel According to Social Media


 There’s Just One More Thing I Haven’t Told You Until Right Now…

I have a rule in my business: If I can’t make you money with this, I don’t deserve your money.

If YOU APPLY effectively and consistently what I teach you in this class and you don’t make your first 4-Figure Income within 90 Days, I will refund your money fully.

FAIR ENOUGH? And all this for a 100$ Full Day Masterclass.


Date: August 10th, 2019

Venue: Accra (Exact Venue TBA) – Only 20 Slots Available, Book Now!

With 3 Payment Installment Options of 40% Non-Refundable Payment to Book your seat and 2 more Payments before August,3rd, 2019.

So if you’re ready to become an Instagram Influencer who is cashing out of a regular basis, click the button below to join us and get started immediately.