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20 common jobs in 2040
960 400 Kwame A. A Opoku

If you walked into an average 1950s era household, you would see much that you would recognize, including home appliances, a TV and an automobile. On the other hand, if…

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Future of Banking & Finance — Part 1
937 511 Kwame A. A Opoku

The CIA estimates over $90 trillion of global value is stored in cash, banknotes, money markets, and bank accounts. In 2018, a mere 8 percent (about $5 trillion) of this…

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50+ Future Degrees Colleges Are Not Offering Yet
800 445 Kwame A. A Opoku

I was thoroughly intrigued when I found out the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado was offering a degree in asteroid mining. Yes, the idea of extracting water, oxygen, minerals,…

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Video Gamers May Soon Be Paid More Than Top Pro Athletes
1024 390 Kwame A. A Opoku

Your interest in sports may have started out as a hobby when you were just a kid. You were better at it than others, and some even said you were…

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The Smart Road Tech That’s Making Driving Faster, Safer, And Just Better
1000 634 Kwame A. A Opoku

From autonomous cars to flying taxis to electric-powered aircraft, technological innovations in transportation vehicles seem to be moving faster than Elon Musk’s express loop underneath Chicago. But when it comes to regular…

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Are Electric Planes the Future of Aviation?
1024 640 Kwame A. A Opoku

A few weeks back, saw a rather unusual flight plan. Norway’s Transport Minister and the CEO of its major airport operator, Avinor, flew a quick lap around Oslo’s airport in…

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Rebooting Citizenship: Responding to AI and Automation
1024 641 Kwame A. A Opoku

Contributed by John Lazar, Software Engineer, Business Leader and Technology Investor  We are assailed almost every day with a new report or study purporting to clarify the impact of Artificial…

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Empathy and the Future of Policy making
1024 576 Kwame A. A Opoku

Contributed by Kit Collingwood-Richardson, Deputy Director Universal Credit, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). Co-founder, One Team Government movement. The public sector must respond more effectively to societal change The way…

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Why Rapid Failure Is The New Secret To Business Success
956 699 Kwame A. A Opoku

P&G has a “Heroic Failure Award” for its employees. Tata has a “Dare to Try Award”. Why are these organizations encouraging — and even rewarding — their employees to fail?…

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Why It is your Conscious Choice to Impact the Future or Not
1024 464 Kwame A. A Opoku

The world becomes a more hopeful place when you ask yourself what could go right instead of always assuming you know what will go wrong to prevent the realisation of…

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